As a ultralight travel trailer manufacturer, we distribute the Helio trailers by our RV Dealers network in Canada and in the US. The best thing would be to contact an Helio RV authorized dealer to get more information on the Helio for pricing and options. You can get an Helio Brochure with all models specifications.

You wish to know the towing capacity of your vehicle or you want to choose your vehicle according to its towing capacity? First, you can refer to your vehicle owner’s manual located in your glove compartment. You will find a section specifying the towing capacity of your vehicle using a trailer with or without electric brakes and the recommended weight to the drawbar. These data are essential to validate your towing capacity. Afterwards, we recommend that you contact your car dealer who can advise you based on the make, model and year of your vehicle. So you can confirm that you meet the criteria established by your manufacturer. If you decide to search on the internet, be sure to find a reliable source such as the manufacturer website. Pay attention to related websites and answers found on the discussion forum. Here are some additional independent sources that present tools and guides to find the right towing capacities of your vehicle like www.trailerlife.com.


The measurement for the O Series ground clearance is : 15 inches


The measurement for the HE3 Series ground clearance is : 15 inches


The 2-years “Hélio” warranty covers the portion of the travel trailer which it manufactures by Hélio on parts and labor excluding normal wear. The additional equipment are guaranteed by the respective manufacturers. Any changes to a Helio trailer without the written permission of Helio can cause a reduction or loss of warranty coverage. Be sure to contact your dealer before making such modifications or changes. We reserve the right to change pricing, specifications, equipment or products with equivalent products, without notice. HELIO undertakes no obligation to make changes on vehicles manufactured before changes in specifications.


In the Helio trailer, we use expanded polypropylene (EPP) initially used in industry as an insulating and shock-absorbing material, EPP is widely acclaimed for its lightness, its optimal resistance and its great stability.

It’s unique mechanical characteristics open the way for a multitude of uses such as Automotive, Food and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning). EPP meets the strictest criteria, particularly in the domains of shock protection and thermal and acoustic insulation.

It also offersmany other structural advantages such as:

• Lightness

• Temperature stability

• Flexibility

• Sterilization

• Floatability

• Chemical inertness

• Energy absorption / Resistance

• Hinge

• Food safety


We recommend the trailer be washed with Fiberglass product cleaner. In coastal and industrial areas, cleaning should be done more frequently. When traveling during the winter weather, all road calcium and rocks should be removed immediately.
Use the best cleaning products for the inside of your Helio, ask your RV Dealer for recommendations on how to clean different surfaces.


Yes, a 50 PSI is highly recommended to regulate the water city pressure.
You cannot leave your black water valve open. This would cause a buildup inside the tank. You need to keep this closed until you are full or ready to leave.


To our knowledge, it is not ideal to store a travel trailer or a car on the lawn for a long time because of the moisture released by the ground. We recommend, if possible for you, to store your Helio on asphalt or concrete surface. If this is not possible, you can install a geotextile membrane on the ground to cut off direct moisture from the ground under the vehicle.

The Helio is well adapted to the winter condition. If you want to add protection to your Helio, you can add a cover. Please ask and order from your RV Dealer for the specific cover for your Helio Series.


For HÉLIO travel trailers , the ball diameter must be 2 inches for all models. We suggest to position the tow hitch (ball) at an height of 15 inches (38 cm) above the top of the ball from the ground.

To reduce damage from metal to metal contact between the hitch and coupler, it is recommended that you apply a thin layer of grease to your hitch ball before use. Be sure to clean the coupler out from time to time to prevent build up.

On the front left side of your travel trailer, you will find information about your Hélio. A conformity label on the make, model, serial number (V.I.N), year of your trailer, dry weight and MNS (National Safety Mark of manufacturer).

Under the Motor Vehicle Safety Act and the Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations, Hélio (9299-5000 Québec Inc.) is authorized to use and affix, on any vehicle manufactured by Hélio (Standard: Camping Trailer), the national safety mark and its specific authorization number it’s (Z44). The national safety mark (NSM) is the property of the Government of Canada and its use is authorized by the Minister of Transport to manufacturers of new vehicles offered for sale in Canada. Transport Canada requires the manufacturers that are authorized to affix the mark, to have the capability to certify their vehicle production to comply with the regulations under the Motor Vehicle Safety Act.

Any company who is engaged in the business of manufacturing vehicles in Canada, who ships from one province to another, or deliver to any person for the purpose of being so shipped, any vehicle of a prescribed class manufactured in Canada must apply their National Safety Mark (NSM) number to the vehicle. Also, most provincial Highway Traffic Acts require that a company affix an NSM to all vehicles that they manufacture. For more information, please visit Transport Canada.

Finally, we recommend that you keep a copy of this information separate from the trailer in the event of theft or vandalism, as you may be asked to provide a copy to the authorities.